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Tools of the trade

In growing bonsai, you will of course need tools such as shears, cutters, wires, gloves, and the like. Much like any hobby, you do need to spend some money for add-ons. Fortunately, they don't cost much, and last a long…

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The best times to do wiring

Generally, the usual time to do wiring is during spring to summer. Growth rates are supposedly highest during this period, resulting in quick recovery of the branches from internal splitting caused by the bending of branches. But for tropical trees,…

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The watering basics – part two

Many bonsai owners mistakenly assume that underwatering "will keep their bonsai tree small". Nothing could be further from the truth. Underwatering has a serious effect of killing the water absorbing capacity of your bonsai tree, resulting in death, or poor…

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The mallsai trend

Growing bonsai trees successfully sometimes can seem a complex endeavor for quite a number of people. Sure, they would like to own their own cute bonsai tree, but not so ready to devote the time and care required. Here is…

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The Windswept style

The windswept style or fukinagashi is quite an unusual style that is not so frequently seen in exhibitions due to its complexity. In this style, the entire tree is somewhat slanted, and the branches and twigs often veer to one…

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The Semi-Cascade Style

The semi-cascade style or han-kengai is similar to the cascade style, except that this time, the trunk and the apex does not dip below the level of the container or pot base, even though they also grow outside the confines…

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