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The Cascade Style

The cascade style or kengai is basically a style in which the bonsai trunk and crown growing downward and below the level of its container. The overall shape of the cascade is triangular with long flowing branches. This cascading tree…

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Growing fruit trees as bonsai

There exists several fruit trees that are able to be grown as bonsai. Although the majority of bonsai trees are not fruit trees, you should always be on the lookout for alternatives to the norm. Because some fruit trees actually make good bonsai candidates. If you find a yamadori fruit tree, fine. But you don’t need to go looking for dwarf varieties of fruit trees, although it’s easier to grow these instead.

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The Slanting Style

The slanting style or shakan is an elegant style that espouses the ideals of a tree in a natural, conversational style that depicts the buffeting of the natural elements such as wind and storms. In the natural state, many trees…

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